Monday, December 12, 2011

Eat Fast Food 2 times a week Increase Risk of Diabetes

Do not eat fast food too often. Consumption of this food 2 times a week can increase the risk of diabetes.

A new study finds young adults are more likely to experience health problems such as increased risk of diabetes and heart disease if they eat fast food two times a week. And women are more susceptible to this danger than men.

The pattern of life that is currently showing a lot of people who are too busy to cook and choose foods that are quick, even though these foods may have serious health problems are hidden.

About 10 percent of diabetes disease thought to be caused by a damaged immune system, while 90 per cent or type 2 diabetes is closely related to unhealthy diet and lifestyle, one of which is too often eat fast food.

Blood sugar levels continue to rise could disrupt the circulation and blood vessels. Therefore, if diabetes is not treated properly then it increases the risk of heart attack, blindness and amputation.

This study was conducted by researchers from the University of Tasmania and an institute in Australia who studies diet and lifestyle of the 1896 men and women aged 26-36 years.

Known to almost 40 percent of men and 29 percent of women ate fast food two times a week or more. Medical examination including tests for insulin and glucose showed high levels or trigger type 2 diabetes, as quoted from San Diego Dentist.

Insulin and glucose levels are high to make a person become resistant to certain hormones which can later cause damage or effects that are far more severe. In previous studies note that a fast food consumed contains 23.2 grams of saturated fat or more.

The results of recent studies has been published in European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.